Breaking news:
Bobier Elementary School is transforming to The Bobier Science Academy

Bobier Elementary school is in year 2 personalized learning where all students are provided integrated science lessons with embedded technology enhancements that are helping students evolve in a changing world where all students will need to collaborate and critical think to solve real world problems and develop global competencies preparing them for the future workforce. We are 100% on board with our Vista Unified School District to be the model of educational excellence and innovation. We are proud to announce students are 1:1 with their own i-Pads and netbooks are K-2, while Chromebooks are 1:1 in grades 3-5. Grade 3-5 students have a device they can take home so that all students have equitable resources and educational experiences. Bobier educators are highly trained in Project Lead the Way, STEM, NGSS, and mystery science curriculum that will ultimately help students identify and align their strengths, values, and interests so as to prepare them for successful 21st century careers. We are proud to announce we have full time music, art, and PE teachers and that we are in our second year of wellness grant where students are exposed to quality enrichment weekly that enhances the healthy, safety, and well-being of all students with a whole child and balanced focus.

Our vision: Our vision at Bobier Elementary is to inspire and empower every learner to achieve excellence via innovation and a collaborative community.

Our mission: At Bobier Elementary, we empower students to contribute in a global community by drawing upon their strengths, values, and interests, thereby inspiring creative, lifelong learners.

Our values:

  1. Respect: We honor all perspectives and contributions.
  2. Consistent: We demonstrate clear expectations and reliable actions that our school community can depend on.
  3. Motivation: We engage Broncos in their strengths and interests, empowering them to be lifelong learners.

Bronco Scholar Pledge

  1. We believe: After high school comes college!
  2. We set learning goals and monitor our own learning
  3. We are a WAVE Pact School

Bronco Scholar Goals

  1. We strive to meet our goals by growing at least one grade level in Reading and STEM every year
  2. We read at least 30 minutes per day